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Mountain West football: Week 8 Saturday open thread

The Utah State Aggies stumbled Friday night, which means today's slate might have a lot of long-term ramifications.

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Last night's highly anticipated tilt between Utah State and San Diego State turned out to be more than a little anticlimactic, but Saturday brings a new quartet of matchups, some of which feature the Mountain division's biggest contenders to date.

Air Force plays host to a seemingly revitalized Fresno State in the earliest kickoff, while New Mexico looks to keep pace on the road against San Jose State and Boise State looks to rebound from their disastrous outing a week ago. If each can get to 3-1 by the end of the night, the race to the top will be a fun one to watch in the weeks to come.

Oh, yeah, and there's Hawaii on the road against Nevada because, you know, the teams in the West still have to play intradivision games sometime.

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Here is Saturday's schedule:

Saturday, October 24



Satellite Radio

Fresno State vs. Air Force


11:00 AM PST

Sirius 108/XM 205

Hawaii vs. Nevada

Time Warner Oceanic/MWN

1:00 PM

New Mexico vs. San Jose State


4:00 PM

Wyoming vs. Boise State


7:15 PM

Sirius 108/XM 205