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PODCAST: Week 8 Mountain West football preview

We breakdown Week 8 and do a quick once over as we reach the midseason point this year.

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(Ed: If you got the show on your podcast feed prior to this it was only a 22 minute show for some reason, we fixed that here.)

Jeremy and Chris preview Week 8 of the Mountain West season, do a little mid-season recap with some voting and try to understand why San Diego media is always bitter.

The big game is Friday night between San Diego State and Utah State as both are undefeated in conference play, and this could be a preview of the Mountain West title game. We both feel sorry for Wyoming as they will be the nail to Boise State's hammer this week after the Broncos rebound after being blown out by Utah State a week prior.

One of the sneaky good games this week is New Mexico vs. San Jose State which will see a lot of rushing yards and likely a lot of points.

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