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USU Football: QB Kent Myers ready to lead the offense

The sophomore quarter gets ready to take over for Chuckie Keeton, who is out 4 to 6 weeks. How will the offense look now that Myers is under center?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With senior quarterback Chuckie Keeton now out 4 to 6 weeks, the starting job now goes to sophomore Kent Myers. When Myers took over last year near the mid-point of the season, he was nothing short of impressive. As a starter, he went 5-1 in the games he played, the lone loss coming against Boise State. He also set a school and Mountain West record for completion percentage in a game (93.3 percent). As impressive as those stats are, he'll be starting anew in 2015. Now that he is the quarterback for the foreseeable future, can we expect a change and a jumpstart to this Aggie offense?

With Myers, the Aggies will hopefully see a better offense than they have the first three games. He is a dual-threat quarterback that can run and throw. He may not be as fast as a healthy Keeton, but he still does a good job of running the football when nothing else is available. He did lead the team in rushing touchdown and ran for 5.5 yards per carry last season. With a decent runner under center, Myers may be just the thing the team needs in order to get the ground game going.

In terms of passing the ball, we caught a glimpse of what Myers is able to do last season. He threw for 866 yards and five touchdowns in his six starts. The stats may not be that impressive, but don't let those fool you. He is a very good passer and has a quick release. With the way the team likes to run screen passes, this may become very useful if the pocket starts to collapse. He is also aided with the help of talented receivers like Hunter Sharp and Brandon Swindall. In short, Myers is a good passer with the ability to become a great passer.

Now for the big question: How will all of this look on the field? Now that Myers is under center, it's more likely than not that the offense can do bigger and better things. Expect Myers to have the ball for most of the time as the coaches and coordinators try to get him going. At least for tomorrow's game, expect a mixed run-pass game as the team looks to keep a decent Rams defense on their heels. In short: expect a better offensive performance this go-around.