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San Diego State basketball gets new uniforms

The Aztecs are getting new uniforms from Nike for the upcoming season.

SDSU athletics

The San Diego State Aztecs gets new uniforms for the upcoming basketball season and the official name for these are Nike Hyper Elite Disruption Uniforms. With Nike there is almost always some sort of gimmick and here it is from the press release:

In addition to the new uniforms, SDSU will incorporate the Aztec Calendar into its kit. The Calendar, which was used by the Aztecs and is a piece of Mexican history dating back to the 1400s, will be featured on the back panel of the uniform top.

Sure, why not.

All three uniforms will feature San Diego State across the chest and the name on the back of the jerseys. There are alternate black uniforms with the red text black uniform being the third, or alternate, jersey that the Aztecs will wear from time to time this season.

Here are the three styles of jerseys from San Diego State athletics.