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SJSU Football: Tyler Ervin on pace to shatter records

Senior running back Tyler Ervin is looking to break records

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Senior San Jose State running back Tyler Ervin is looking to make a big name for himself this year, and he's doing just that.

Despite the fact that head coach Ron Caragher has had a difficult time deciding which quarterback to stick with thus far this year, that has not slowed down Ervin one bit. In fact, it actually may have helped his cause because with a struggling quarterback, a strong run game can be his best friend. And I would say Ervin is a lot of people's best friend this year.

Ervin is currently having, by far, the best year of his college career at San Jose State. Statistically wise, he's having the best year of any running back in the NCAA, other than LSU's Leonard Fournette. Ervin is currently second in the NCAA in rushing yards at 874 which is second only to Fournette. His touchdowns (11) are second only to Boise State's Jeremy McNichols' 12.

He isn't just statistically better than most of the other nation's running back's, he's currently beating his previous years performances. Only six games in to the season, and he is only 14 yards shy of breaking his last seasons total rushing yards. Forget about rushing touchdowns, as he's already almost tripled his rushing touchdowns through this years first 6 games compared to a full 12 games last year. If you want to take that a little bit further, his 11 touchdowns this year are almost doubled his entire career rushing touchdown numbers in previous to this year. He's averaging almost a full yard more than what he was last year.

He's not just a one trick pony, either. He's a threat to come out of the backfield in the passing game as well. His numbers in the receiving game are also well on their way in 6 games to beating his totals of last year. Through 6 games, Ervin has 25 receptions for 222 yards and 2 touchdown for an average of 8.9 yards. His receiving totals of last year were 29 receptions for 306 yards for only 1 touchdown while averaging 10.6 yards.

If it wasn't the Year of the Running Back with Fournette, Nick Chubb (despite him being injured with a knee injury that may see him on the bench for a while), Dalvin Cook, and C.J. Promise (along with quite a few other notable running back's), then I believe Ervin would be getting a lot more national attention. Playing in a Group of Five conference has a factor in this, as well, which is a shame.

Here's to hoping Ervin keeps on this trend for the second half of the season, as this guy is fun to watch.