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Arizona Bowl: Campus Insiders to stream game, TV partner in the works

Campus Insiders is the first streaming service to air a bowl game, but a TV partner is in the works.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The Mountain West have partnered with the new Arizona Bowl and will also include the Sun Belt and Conference USA and it will kick on Dec. 29 at 5:30 p.m. MT. The big news is that this game will be streamed by Campus Insiders becoming the first bowl game to be distributed digitally.

Campus Insiders is not the only way to watch this game as during the press conference it was announced that a TV partner is going to happen, but nothing is set at this time. There were talks during late spring and early summer that CBS Sports Network would be the broadcast partner, but that was not announced. Having this game on CBS Sports Network makes sense since both the Mountain West and Conference USA have relationships with the network.

Putting the game on Campus Insiders has its advantage as distribution is far wider than CBS Sports Network since all you need to watch Campus Insiders is an Internet connection compared to a paid TV option and an upgraded package for CBS Sports Network.

However, CBS Sports Network has a lack of streaming options -- despite their capabilities -- so maybe the deal with Camus Insiders indicates this game will not be on their network.

This game will not be on ESPN, so who will broadcast the game? FS1 comes to mind right away but they already have Premier Boxing Champions scheduled at 7 p.m. MT, so they are likely out. Going to FS2 would not be a good idea as their distribution is less than CBS Sports Network and not completely in high definition.

There could be an option to go on NBCSN as they have a prior agreement with the Mountain West, they currently air FCS football.

One network that could air this game is the American Sports Network. They are an over-the-air network in pretty much every city and they air Conference USA games. Being on ASN would give a lot more people a chance to watch this game being on an over-the-air channel.