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PHOTO: Are these new UNLV football uniforms real?

Were new UNLV football uniforms leaked by the alumni?

Are these the new UNLV football uniforms?
Are these the new UNLV football uniforms?
UNLV Rebel Football Foundation on Facebook

The uniform craze will never go away with teams wearing chrome, all-black, all-white, non-traditional colors or pretty much whatever a team wants.

The UNLV Rebels just might have some new uniforms for the 2015 season. These photos were placed on the UNLV alumni Facebook and website.

First, the one's on the left do not look close to a finished product, however seeing Reb placed on a black matte helmet does look very nice. As does the uniform below which pairs the black helmet with red top and bottom, plus the black trim makes for a nice looking combination.

The image on the right looks like the real deal, and the red looks a little more maroon than the normal Rebel red that UNLV wears. That color looks better than the gray that UNLV insists on wearing as the teams primary color. Red and black should be the primary colors and the gray should be an accent to those.

Again, who knows if these are going to be made, but lets hope Reb on black does find its way onto the football field next year.