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2015 Senior Bowl: UNLV's Devante Davis out with hamstring injury

UNLV wide receiver Devante Davis suffered a hamstring injury and will miss the Senior Bowl.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

UNLV wide receiver Devante Davis suffered a set back in his attempt to make it to the NFL. Davis suffered a hamstring injury at the Senior Bowl and he will now miss the rest of the very important practices. Davis is considered on the fringe of being a top-30 wide receiver, and a possible sixth- or seventh-round draft pick.

Davis needed these practices since he had a down year by missing four games this year due to a wrist injury. He also had issues with inconsistent quarterback play and ended the 2014 season with 34 receptions for 599 yards and four scores in eight games. Actually, that was seven games since Davis went down in the Houston game.

Davis' 2013 year is a better example for what he can do at the next level. He had 14 touchdowns on 87 receptions for 1,290 and was one of the best wide receivers in the country.

This injury for Davis might cause some concern for NFL scouts since this is his second injury of the year, and the injury prone label might be associated with Davis. However, that is not entirely fair since in his sophomore and junior years he played every game.

It is not confirmed if Davis is staying at the Senior Bowl to participate in interviews with teams, but if the injury allows for that he definitely should stay to speak with teams.

Here is what Davis said about what he wanted to showcase at the Senior Bowl.