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Basketball Blues: Fort Collins, We Have a Problem...

After starting 14-0, the Colorado State Rams have lost twice in a row. There have been problems that were exposed in their first three Mountain West games.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado State Rams started the season undefeated, finishing the non conference without a loss for the first time in program history. It was an impressive run in which they ended up being ranked in the top 25. They also were among the last five unbeaten teams in the country. However the last couple games before receiving their first loss have exposed some flaws in the team that could prevent this team from reaching the level its capable to reaching. They were shut down by very good defensive teams in Wyoming and New Mexico bringing them back to earth and putting them in danger of staying there.

Flaw # 1: They have no true point guard, and its been exposed since the Boise State comeback win. John Gillion is their closest to a true point but he tends to look for his own shot before seeking others. Daniel Bejarano is not a true point guard and the elite teams in the country have true point guards. If this teams wants to go far they need to figure out the point guard situation.

Flaw #2: No go to player when a key basket is needed. JJ Avila is the closest to that but he tends to press and become out of control. Daniel Bejarano has not played very well lately on the offensive end taking a lot of unnecessary shots. He has been banged up but he needs to take smarter shots. Stanton Kidd could be the go to guy but he's streaky and can't stay out of foul trouble. These three players need to step up, if CSU wants to follow through on any NCAA tournament aspirations.

Flaw #3: Defensive efficiency has been awful. In the two losses, the Rams have allowed both teams to shoot over 45% from the field. The Lobos shot 51% and the Cowboys were over 50% for most of the game before dropping to 45. All season they have scored a lot of points but also thoughout games played lazy defense. They allowed 84 points to Denver and have allowed opponents to shoot almost 46% from the field. Which ranks 127th in the nation out of 351 teams. They can do a lot better on the defensive end, if they play like they did the final few minutes of the Wyoming game. They could compete and almost beat anyone.

The Rams may have started undefeated but they didn't play well the final stretch of games before losing. They need to get back to playing great team basketball from earlier in the season. They are entering a key stretch in the season in which three of five are on the road. Four of the five games are against teams that always play the Rams well and have the potential to beat them. They are in prime position to get an at large bid, just don't mess it up!