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NFL Draft 2015: Boise State running back Jay Ajayi selected by the Miami Dolphins with the 149th pick

After a draft slide, Jay Ajayi was selected by the Miami Dolphins

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

With the 149th pick in the 2015 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins selected Boise State Broncos running back Jay Ajayi. Ajayi, at 6-feet and 200 pounds, was rated as the 37th best player overall and the third rated running back, per Mocking The Draft rankings.

Here is what people need to know about Ajayi from his scouting report:

Ajayi is a well-round back who can pass block, catch the ball and is capable of handling a high amount of carries while still being able to be fresh later in the game. This could lead to Ajayi being a featured back sooner than later in the NFL.

Ajayi also has great balance due to being a former soccer player and has great balance with the ability to rebound fairly quickly if he gets hit or bouncing outside when changing directions. Ajayi also is able to absorb contact and needs multiple defenders to take him down. In short, he is a tough back and can handle the beating he will take at the next level.

Weaknesses for Ajayi will be that he played in the Mountain West and the lack of competition compared to Wisconsin's Melvin Gordon or Georgia's Todd Gurley. Also, Ajayi has had an issue in ball security by fumbling 12 times during his career, with seven happening last year. However, Ajayi has improved on that and he carried the ball almost 350 times, so his percentage of fumbles is low.

Ajayi slipped in the draft due to concerns about his health, but if he is able to avoid injuries, he could be a very productive running back.

Check out Ajayi's highlights from the Fiesta Bowl against Arizona.