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2015 NFL Draft: Jay Ajayi goes undrafted after three rounds

An old injury is causing NFL teams to stay away from Jay Ajayi.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State running back Jay Ajayi was considered the the third running back in the NFL Draft and a top-50 player overall but after three rounds, 99 picks and nine running backs later he is still on the board.

The reasoning comes from an old injury of Ajayi which is causing teams to completely back away. Just over a week ago a report surfaced that Ajayi had to go back to Indianapolis for a medical recheck, but  according to Ajayi's agent that was not true.

This injury was four years ago for Ajayi and what is questioned now is his longevity in the league, but even knowing this info Ajayi was still projected to be gone by the end of the second day.

Medical reviews of Ajayi show that he has very little cartilage in his knee and it is close to bone on bone, and that means that while Ajayi can play if needed his career in the NFL might not last for long.

Basically, Ajayi is good to go right now but he might last through his rookie contract, and after that is up in the air. That is making teams extremely nervous to take Ajayi within the first 100 picks.

Of the running backs left, Ajayi is the clear top back and according to Mocking the Draft he is the third best player available. Ajayi could prove to be a great value for a team in the short term and if his knee proves to be able to handle the pounding a running back takes then he will be a tremendous pick.