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NFL Draft 2015: Colorado State QB Garrett Grayson selected by the New Orleans Saints

Garrett Grayson was selected by the New Orleans Saints.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

With the 75th pick in the 2015 NFL draft, the New Orleans Saints select Colorado State Rams quarterback Garrett Grayson. Grayson stands at 6-feet-2-inches and 220 pounds, and was rated as the 126th player overall and the fourth rated quarterback, per Mocking The Draft rankings.

This is a good fit for Grayson as he goes to a team that is not in an immediate need of a quarterback with Drew Brees still having a few more good years under his belt. This will give Grayson time to learn on the job and by the team he is asked to possibly start for the Saints he will not be an inexperienced pro.

His strengths are that Grayson has played in a pro-style offense where he saw himself under center, pistol and shot gun; and NFL teams also like players who are smart and have few, if any, off the field issues. Grayson has all of those traits, plus it doesn't hurt that he can make the throws down the field. He will tuck the ball and run or take a sack instead of trying to force the ball in a tight window. The Rams also ran a lot of play action and that fits into what every NFL team runs on a consistent basis.

There are a  few issues in Grayson's game. While he can make the down the field throws, he lacks the velocity to make the ball zip through the air to land at its destination before an oncoming linebacker or defensive back can break up the ball. Another weakness is that he can lock into one receiver, but having Rashard Higgins on the other end of passes would have a lot of quarterbacks focus on just one player. Grayson also has some tells when he is going to throw the ball by opening up his hips and that will be caught easily at the NFL level.

Here are some highlights from Grayson taking on Nevada: