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2015 NFL Draft Profile: Nevada QB Cody Fajardo

After a prolific college career, Cody Fajardo looks to make his mark on the pros.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Cody Fajardo, Quarterback, University of Nevada

6'1" and 223 pounds

Mocking the Draft Positional Ranking: 15

Mocking the Draft Overall Ranking: N/R

Strengths: Statistically speaking, Cody Fajardo was one of the best dual-threat quarterbacks in college football history, being only one of two players to throw for 9,000 yards and run for 3,000 more (the other being former Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick). Fajardo is dangerous with his legs, and has shown that he is willing to slide at the end of runs and avoid contact. He is good at reading defenses and recognizing blitzes, while also being able to move a safety with his eyes.  Fajardo is able to make accurate throws on the run. He has decent pocket awareness and will use legs to avoid the rush. Was a two-time team captain and four-year starter.

Weaknesses: Fajardo struggles with accuracy at times, often misses wide open receivers, especially over the middle. He doesn't have great mechanics, causing him to be slow to getting the ball out. His footwork can be sloppy, leading to off-balance throws. Fajardo lacks a strong arm, and can lead receivers into contact. He threw too many interceptions last season, and had issues moving the ball in key situations.

Fajardo is projected to be drafted in the 6th-7th rounds.

Mock Selection (very random guess based on almost no facts): Pick 193 (Rd. 6) Kansas City Chiefs

Fajardo replaced Colin Kaepernick quite well in Reno, but doesn't look to follow the same career path as him. He could become a starter down the road if he is brought into the right situation, such as Seattle, Kansas City or Dallas to name a few. However, he is seen as a project quarterback that is more likely to be a career backup, if he can even make it. But then again, we all know where Tom Brady was selected.

Below is a quick highlight tape put together by the Nevada Athletics Department: