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2015 NFL Draft Profile: Colorado State QB Garrett Grayson

What NFL team will take Colorado State quarterback Garrett Grayson during the NFL Draft?

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado State Rams quarterback Garrett Grayson has been a hot name for the NFL Draft over the past few weeks. He is going to be taken behind Florida State's Jameis Winston and Oregon Marcus Mariota, but he very well could be the next quarterback taken.

This draft class is not very strong and it also helps that Grayson played in a pro-style offense at Colorado State, and that will give him a boost over other similarly ranked quarterbacks like UCLA's Brett Hundley and Baylor's Bryce Petty.

Garyson is considered the 126th prospect overall but the fourth quarterback, according to Mocking the Draft.

His strengths are that Grayson can play under center, pistol and shot gun, and NFL teams also like players who are smart and have few, if any, off the field issues. Grayson has all of those traits, plus it doesn't hurt that he can make the throws down the field. He will tuck the ball and run or take a sack instead of trying to force the ball in a tight window. Also, Colorado State ran a fair share of play action and that is something NFL teams do quite often.

A few issues are that while he can make the down the field throws, he lacks the velocity to make the ball zip through the air to land at its destination before an oncoming linebacker or defensive back. Another weakness is that he can lock into one receiver, but having Rashard Higgins on the other end of passes would have a lot of quarterbacks focus on just one player.

Here is what SB Nation's Danny Kelly has to say about Grayson:

Grayson is slightly undersized but makes up for it with his ability to function in a muddied pocket. He's better than any of the other second-tier quarterbacks at keeping his eyes downfield while avoiding the rush and climbing the ladder to make a throw. He'll make throws while "staring down the gun barrel" but at times he looks off-balance in doing so. He doesn't have some of the tools that the other quarterbacks in this class have, but I'd say he's more refined and ready to step into a role as a backup immediately. He has the poise and confidence you look for in that role, and could develop into starter-caliber down the line.

As for where he will be drafted, it seems likely that Grayson could be taken as high as the late second round or somewhere in the fourth round.

Here are highlights of Grayson against Nevada and also Utah.