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Utah State football: Chuckie Keeton is not applying for a medical redshirt

The status of Chuckie Keeton will be determined after he starts practicing this week for the Friday night game against BYU.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

The big question surrounding this Friday night's rivalry game between Utah State and BYU is the status of Aggies quarterback Chuckie Keeton. Keeton left the Wake Forest game when we tweaked his surgically repaired knee, and he missed the Arkansas State game.

News spread very quickly when BYU defensive lineman Remington Peck was asked about Keeton's status for Friday, and he had this to say on BYU's Sports Nation:

"We heard something different today. I heard they're actually medical redshirting him, as of now," said Peck. "That could be different. If he is there, obviously, it's a whole different deal with his legs. He's very good on the ground. You'd have to prepare more for a two-dimensional quarterback. ... As far as we know, they announced last night that they're medical redshirting him, but I still think we need to prepare just in case he doesn't."

That news spread like wild fire and listening to Peck on the video it seems that he is not joking around, and who knows what Peck heard or misheard on Keeton's situation. Plus, a medical redshirt can not even be applied through the NCAA until the season ends.

News of this spread quickly down to Utah State and head coach Matt Wells addressed this right at the start of his weekly press conference.

So, that was stomped rather quickly, and Wells was shocked when he heard of this rumor.

The fact is that Wells came out and said in his press conference that the starting quarterback position is still under review and more will be known of Keeton's status for the BYU game once he and Darell Garretson practice on Monday.

Expect Wells to keep the information tight on who will start and not do what San Jose State head coach Ron Caragher did last week by announcing his starting quarterback early in the week.