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San Jose State to start Joe Gray at quarterback

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San Jose State head coach Ron Caragher announced that quarterback Blake Jurich will be benched and replaced by Joe Gray against Nevada.

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Well, that was fast.

San Jose State released its dept chart for the upcoming game against Nevada on Monday and the quarterback position listed co-starters at the quarterback position between Blake Jurich, who has started all year, and backup Joe Gray. After Jurich's performance against Minnesota which featured a pair of interceptions and a fumble, head coach Ron Caragher said that he would re-evaluate the quarterback position.

To the surprise of everyone, Caragher made the announcement very early in the week during his weekly press conference and announced that Gray would be starting over Jurich, but he tried to back track on his comment by saying Gray was his starter.

"I'm not a guy who declares things. I'm a day-by-day guy," Caragher said to the San Jose Mercury News. "While that's my intent, every position is really a day-by-day. And that attitude is really to keep positions sharp. We never want to be comfortable or content. When you get content and comfortable, you stop improving. We always want to have an iron sharpens iron environment of competing and striving to get better. But yes, that's our intent and that's our plan."

One very interesting note from the press conference is that Caragher actually admitted that Gray was ahead of Jurich during fall camp.

"Coming into fall camp, he had a little bit of an edge on Blake," Caragher told the San Jose Mercury News. "But Blake had a terrific fall. No question about that, what we see day in and day out. But Joe was always right there."

So, why did Caragher start Jurich over Gray? Well, he doesn't say that.

It also is very odd that Caragher would make the announcement of who his starting quarterback on a Tuesday, normally head coaches are very secretive in announcing things of this magnitude. By making this announcement early in the week it gives Nevada an edge in who to prepare for on Saturday, but then again it really doesn't since Gray had barely played this year.

Gray has played in all three games this season but has completed just 6 of 10 passes for 67 yards but he also has thrown an interception.