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Who will get the start against BYU? Chuckie Keeton or Darell Garretson

With Chuckie Keeton being day to day with a knee injury and the offense struggling against Arkansas State, no quarterback has yet to be announced for the October 3 matchup.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

After coming off a dismal offensive outing and a disappointing overtime loss to Arkansas State, the Aggies will have a bye week to reset and figure out situations on both sides of the ball in advance of their October 3 matchup against BYU. Coach Matt Wells addressed the media on Monday to discuss what needs to be done this week and next.

The biggest question so far is the health of quarterback Chuckie Keeton. He suffered a knee injury in the first half of the game against Wake Forest and has been sidelined since. On whether or not Keeton will return, Wells said, "We'll see where Chuckie is at the end of this week... and we'll be able to make our decision from there." Wells also said, "He has to be right and he has to be able to go full speed and protect himself."

Wells mentioned the performance of the offensive line: "[It's] not where we want it to be," he said. "There's improvement that needs to happen on both sides of the ball."

In regards to the game against the Cougars, Wells said they are one of the hottest teams in the country and it will be a challenge to go into Provo and win. "They have one of the hottest quarterbacks in the country right now." He also praised the defense: "They're always stout on defense. I already know that."

Another issue Coach Wells addressed was the problem of penalties. The Aggies are one of the most penalized teams in the FBS, and he blames the high amount of penalties on a lack of disciplined play. "We are becoming undisciplined in some technique areas that I think lends itself to a higher number of penalties being called." If the Aggies are going to win, the penalties are a major thing Coach Wells and his staff are going to have to address.

On offense, Darell Garretson did have a decent game against the Red Wolves, throwing for 268 yards and two touchdowns. It's going to be interesting to see in the next week who is chosen to be the starting quarterback against BYU. WIth Keeton getting healthy but having question marks and the offense under Garretson struggling somewhat, it maybe pick your poison for the game on Oct. 3.