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San Jose State making a change at quarterback

Head coach Ron Caragher is taking a closer look at Blake Jurich being the teams starting quarterback.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The battle to replace former San Jose State Spartans quarterback David Fales is still raging on as we enter the fifth week of the college football season. San Jose State suffered a bad 24-7 loss to Minnesota on Saturday and with that result head coach Ron Caragher is looking to make a change at quarterback.

Blake Jurich won the job late into fall camp and in the loss on Saturday he completed just 14 of 29 passes for just 161 yards to go along with a touchdown and also two interceptions. Joe Gray was put in the game late and completed two of his four passes.

After the game, Caragher commented on the quarterback position, "we just have to re-evaluate and see what's the best for Spartan football moving forward next week." He went on to say, "Seven points after three quarters really isn't our standard."

Jurich realized that he made mistakes and he of course is going to roll with the punches and go with what Caragher decides at the quarterback spot. "He's going to do what he's going to do. I'm just going to go and do what I can", Jurich said after the game.

Perhaps Caragher should have went with Gray earlier than he did, and halftime might have been the right decision since Jurich's interception at the end of the first half was not only a bad decision -- and a very questionable play call by the coaching staff -- but that miscue allowed Minnesota to score a touchdown and take a 17-7 lead at the break.

Gray entered the game on the Spartans final possession of the game, and the drive ended with a sack and a fumble which Minnesota recovered.

Heading into the Nevada game, the competition is revved back up with Gray and Jurich both listed as the top quarterback on San Jose State's latest depth chart. The Wolf Pack are a solid team and playing both quarterbacks will be a risky move, but this week Caragher will take a close look at what he has in both quarterbacks.