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San Jose State vs. Minnesota final score: Gophers run all over Spartans, win 24-7

This might as well have been a carbon copy of the 2013 game between these teams, as Minnesota ran all over San Jose State.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Someone probably could have just inserted the 2013 tape of this game because the results were nearly the same result as Minnesota ran at will over San Jose State Saturday afternoon. The Gophers rushed for 380 yards on the ground on its way to a 24-7 win, and Gopher quarterback Chris Streveler went 1 for 7 his first pass was not completed until halfway through the fourth quarter. To be fair to Streveler this was his first start since starter  Mitch Leidner sidelined due to injury.

Minnesota just slowly chipped away and away in this game to win by 17 points and five turnovers for San Jose State definitely did not help the Spartans cause. Minnesota also gave the ball up two times but the 10 points that the Gophers earned off of San Jose State turnovers was another key reason Minnesota won.

Two of those turnovers were extremely bad interceptions by Blake Jurich, and his starting position is up in the air. Jurich did mention that the ball slipped out of his hand on his first attempt. The second pick came when Jurich was attempting to throw the ball out of bounds, but it was so badly thrown the Gophers were able to pick it up.

"He's going to do what he's going to do," Jurich told the San Jose Mercury News of [head coach Ron] Caragher's decision to re-evaluate the position. "I'm just going to go and do what I can."

Joe Gray came in late in the game for the Spartans final drive and completed 2 of 4 passes for 25 yards, but also was sacked twice and turned the ball over when he fumbled the ball on the second sack.

While the defense gave up 380 rushing yards, head coach Ron Carahger is encouraged with this unit. The defense did hold Minnesota to converting just 5 of 12 on third downs, and the two turnovers that the defense earned came in the red zone. Coach Caragher mentioned how the running yards were not from being physically beat, but rather in the read option plays, but that could come back to bite San Jose State when they face Nevada later this year.

Have a look at some of the highlights from this game, and of course they are heavy toward Minnesota:

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