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Colorado State Fires Athletic Director Jack Graham

Colorado States fires athletic director that completely overhauled athletic department.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In news that has become a shock to CSU fans everywhere, Colorado State has decided to fire athletic director Jack Graham late Friday afternoon. According to a statement released by the university, President Tony Frank stated that differences in philosophy lead to the dismissal of Graham. The timing of the firing is interesting because the university is two months away from a imposed deadline to get $110 million raised for the on campus stadium that is being proposed. Frank also stated the firing has nothing to do with the fundraising efforts for the new facility.

Graham lead a complete overhaul of the athletic programs with football, and basketball (men and women) getting new coaches within his first six months on the job in 2012. Those programs have all experienced huge success with the slogan "The Bold New Era of CSU Athletics." The volleyball program was the only major sport that kept its head coach. Coach Hilbert however was given a lucrative extension with a huge buyout clause if another school goes after him. The other head coaches received similar extensions within the last few months.

Colorado State will begin a national search for a new Athletic Director immediately but for now they named Deputy athletic director John Morris interim AD. The department faces a uncertain future when it comes to stadium fundraising but its interesting to see what is going to come out the next few days.