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Where Has All the Pitching Gone

Admit it; you were thinking of Peter, Paul, and Mary? Oh. Who are they, you ask. Never mind. Poor attempt at humor. In any event, the Rebels lose half of their vaunted pitching rotation as Fedde and Richy have moved on to different pastures to ply their trade. I am one that swears by pitching and how it is needed to win. Bad pitching with good hitting won't get it. Bad hitting with good pitching will keep you in the hunt. Ask the Giants. The Rebels have at least one draft choice that decided on college ball that might help. The others? See what you think.

Bonnell remains to mentor newbies
Bonnell remains to mentor newbies
Daniel Ward

Three Draft Picks High Light UNLV's Recruiting Class

The class consists of five pitchers (four right-handers and one left-hander), two outfielders and two middle infielders. There are three draft choices in this bunch which is always good. The pitchers are key as the rotation for the Rebels got raided by the bigs so will have to be re-stocked or re-built; you choose the words. Replacing Fedde and Richy will be no easy task. Then again, three draft picks? I have written three posts and they have all had draft picks. That's pretty good. Thumbs up for the Mountain West.

Payton Squier, SS, Greenway HS, Glendale, AZ
He was drafted by the Athletics in the 39th round and remained unsigned. He hit .315 with 2 home runs his senior year. He hit an astronomical .523 with 2 home runs his junior year so I suspect that the opposition just quit pitching to him. Based on that production he was nominated for Pre-Season All-American status by the He made a lot of other pre-season lists too.

Hunter Bross, OF, Notre Dame Prep School, Scottsdale, AZ
Hunter was drafted by the Dodgers in the 34th round. He remained unsigned and will be with the Rebels. He hit .378 with 3 home runs his senior year. He has experience playing in the Area Code games which is some fast company.

Gabe Gonzalez, RHP, Arbor View HS, Las Vegas, NV
He was drafted by the Rangers in the 13th round. He remained unsigned and will attend UNLV. Believe it or not, I could find nothing on him other than draft talk.

Brock Dykxhoorn, RHP, Central Arizona College
He was 9-4 and 2.77 in 78 IP with 114 strike outs. That's pretty good and will get you drafted; and it did. I also read that he was recruited and signed by West Virginia. All this confusion adds up to nothing since he signed and went pro.

Austin Anderson, SS, Columbine HS, Littleton, CO
Austin hit an astounding .547 with 5 home runs his senior year. That's damn good. Half of his hits were for extra bases so he has gap power which could improve as he matures. Those are great numbers.

Blaze Bohall, RHP, Mountain Ridge HS, Glendale, AZ
Blaze was 2-2 and 3.69 in 43 IP his senior year. That doesn't look like much but he had 44 strike outs in those innings which is a stat that always catches recruiters' eyes.

Jesse Keiser, OF, Liberty HS, Las Vegas, NV
Jesse was his league's Player of the Year. Not much to say here. He hit over .500 his senior year and made second team Louisville Slugger High School All-America. If you can't get drafted, get on some AA list. That WILL get you noticed.

Christian Myers, RHP, Rock Canyon HS, Highlands Ranch, CO
He was 2-2 and 2.19 in 22 IP with a 14/11 strike outs to walks ratio. Couldn't find much more.

Dan Skelly, RHP, Liberty HS, Las Vegas, NV
Had a pretty good senior year as he hit .444 and was 5-2 and 2.79. He had 31 strike outs in "I have no idea" innings. He's a teammate of Keiser.

Corey Wilson, LHP, O'Connor HS, Phoenix, AZ
He was 6-2 and 2.55 in 49 IP his senior year. He struck out 53 (good) and walked 14 (also good) in those innings. That's it.

Payton Squier, Hunter Bross, and Gabe Gonzalez all appear to be locks to make the team and hopefully make some impact. I am putting some money on Anderson's chances; he was damned good in high school. Gonzalez is a pitcher and four other pitchers will be expected to help out a team that loses a goodly amount of pitching. We'll see.