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Utah State vs. Tennessee Conversation Board

This article was created specifically for discussing the USU-UT game which will be played this Sunday.

Scott Cunningham

I'm an avid college football fan. One of my favorite things in the world is to watch my team play; something I love nearly as much is discussing the games before they're played. Just over a year ago, I was shocked to discover that my preferred locale for meeting and chatting with opposing teams' fans,, was merging all their game conversation boards into Facebook posts. The end result was basically the Apocalypse of the chat boards: nearly everyone bailed ship, and sites that had once had thousands of comments a month before game day were left as mere shells, ghost towns of their prior glory. This inspired me to search out other places to discuss and learn more about my favorite teams, which in turn led me to MWC Connection. It was a happy discovery for me, and became even more so as I was able to become a writer, covering my boys in Aggie blue. But I still miss the conversations... which is why I have decided to open up a thread for all my Aggie brothers and sisters to meet up with our good Vol counterparts, share a (virtual) drink of college football comradery, and discuss the upcoming game with an excitement and passion that I'm sure we all share.

Feel free to share controversial opinions (I know mine are), compelling arguments, complete homer hogwash (which I'm infrequently guilty of as well), or random, stupid jokes. It's all fair game here, just keep it family appropriate and courteous. Let's have fun!