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San Antonio Spurs sign former San Diego State basketball player Josh Davis

The 6'8" big man dubbed "Kawhi 2.0" now joins the original Kawhi in San Antonio.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

According to multiple sources, the San Antonio Spurs have signed former San Diego State forward Josh Davis to a multi-year, partially guaranteed contract (most likely a training camp deal). There has been no official word yet from the Spurs about this signing.

When he first stepped on SDSU's campus, Davis was nicknamed "Kawhi 2.0" due to his rebounding skills and his, well, profound likeness to Kawhi Leonard. Sometimes life is funny: Now Kawhi 2.0 joins the original Kawhi in the NBA.

Davis, 6-foot-8 and 215 pounds, received little NBA draft buzz but was invited to play in the NBA Summer League by his hometown Charlotte Hornets. Davis took advantage of his opportunity, averaging 8.9 points and 10.1 rebounds per game while finishing three of seven games with a double-double.

In a system like San Antonio's where fundamentals are paramount, Spurs coaches and scouts most likely were drawn to Davis' intensity on the boards — especially on the offensive glass (he averaged 4.0 offensive boards in the summer league).

According to, San Antonio's roster sits at 17 with Davis' signing. With only 13 active NBA roster spots available during the season, Davis will almost definitely start his NBA career in the D-League with the Austin Toros. But don't be surprised if Davis eventually becomes a Tiago Splitter type of player for the Spurs in a few years — mainly on the court for his defense and his presence on the boards, not so much for his scoring.

Davis, now 23 years old, transferred to play his senior season at SDSU after playing in 2011-13 for Tulane. Davis averaged 10.1 rebounds and 7.7 points in his one year at SDSU, and head coach Steve Fisher often referred to him as the missing puzzle piece that completed the team.

Davis' SDSU teammate Xavier Thames was drafted 59th by the Toronto Raptors, who then traded his rights to the Brooklyn Nets. However, the Nets have not yet signed Thames, and the former Aztec signed a multi-year deal with the Spanish club Baloncesto Sevilla. The Nets have until Sept. 6 to sign Thames.