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San Diego State Football camp update: A weekend of fun

As far as football goes, it was a quiet weekend for San Diego State. The Aztecs enjoyed some recreational activities and Coach Rocky Long joined in on the A.L.S. Bucket Challenge.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

There isn't much football news to bring you Aztecs fans this time around. Saturday's practice was closed to media and the Aztecs had Sunday off as well as Monday which was the first day of the fall semester. The latest depth chart and team news will be released during the Tuesday press conference, so for now kick back and enjoy the lighter side of fall camp.

On Friday, defensive line coach Osia Lewis took some of the players out for some fun on a speed boat. Safety Na'im Mcgee, quarterback Quinn Kaehler and others enjoyed an afternoon on the water, relaxing and getting some time away from football. Offensive Coordinator Bob Toledo even took some of the guys out to play some good ol' fashioned Laser Tag.

Unless you took a brief summer vacation to a nice dark spot under a rock, you've definitely heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Watch as senior defensive end Dontrell Onuoha assists Rocky Long in completing the challenge. Long went big with his nominations too, here's a list of who he called out:

Bret Gilliland - Mountain West Conference Deputy Commissioner Deputy

John Sullivan - Mountain West Conference Assistant Director of Operations

Ken Rivera - Mountain West Conference Coordinator of Football Officials

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