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Colorado vs. Colorado State: Dish Network may not broadcast game on Fox Sports 1

Dish Network is in a dispute with Fox Sports 1 which will likely will mean the loss of college football games on the network, but not other programming.

Fox Sports 1 has been around for just over a year and it already has a solid staple of live events from live college football games, Major League Baseball, MMA, college basketball, MMA and racing. However, there is an under the radar dispute is that Dish Network and Fox Sports 1 are heading toward blacking out only college football games, including Colorado State vs. Colorado.

Here is the reason from via Awful Announcing:

Unfortunately, you're visiting this website because a FOX Sports 1 event is not available on DISH. FOX agreed to pay an inflated price for certain sports events on FOX Sports 1. Now, FOX is demanding we pay them a significant additional charge to carry these events. We are unwilling to pass these costs on to our customers.

Fans don't really care why there is a dispute, but expect to get the channel they pay for. This case is quite different than the Pac-12 Networks and DirecTV since the channel is not available, whereas Dish Network provides Fox Sports 1 but some games will be blacked out over money.

Here are the list of games, including Friday night's game between Colorado State and Colorado:


Once word spread about this last week, fans were rightfully upset and took to Twitter to demand some answers.

I reached out again to Dish and they are still working on a deal:

This is one of the more bizarre situations and one that I don't recall ever happening where a channel showed all programs but blacked out games where there were no restrictions put in place. Also paying more for just live games is odd while a different price is in place for other programming.

There could have been an agreement during the first year of Fox Sports 1 and decided to revisit after the first year of the program, and that is what brings us to this interesting conflict presenting every Dish customer today.

The fan bases that will be effected the most are Pac-12 and Big 12 fans which airs quite a few of those games, and during the non-conference season this could have an impact on various fan bases.