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San Diego State Football staff predictions: Aztecs' 2014 Breakout Player of the Year

Who will pull an Ezell Ruffin and come out of nowhere with a big season?

Donald Miralle

Every year, football teams witness a teammate skyrocket through the depth chart and become a featured player. Last year, San Diego State saw wide receiver Ezell Ruffin burst out with 68 receptions for 1,136 yards and three touchdowns.

It's difficult to predict who's going to be a breakout player because you're making the prediction pure on potential. The definition of a "breakout player" is also ambiguous and often is different for each person. So it comes as no surprise that our SDSU staff disagreed over who would be SDSU's breakout player this year.

Take a look.

T1. WR Eric Judge - 2 votes

T2. Na'Im McGee - 1 vote

T2. WR Larry Clark - 1 vote

T2. RB Marcus Stamps - 1 vote

T2. RB Chase Price - 1 vote

T2. TE Robert Craighead - 1 vote

T2. RB Donnel Pumphrey - 1 vote

T2. TE Daniel Brunskill - 1 vote

Matthew Bain Eric Judge
JNorwood Na'Im McGee
Ryan Posner Eric Judge
Rafael Avitabile Marcus Stamps
Anthony Reclusado Chase Price
Zachary Loper Robert Craighead
Matthew Patterson Donnel Pumphrey
Patrick Carr Larry Clark
Matt Hoffman Daniel Brunskill