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Fresno State Lands Cypress (TX) OL Zachary Kinninger

The 'Dogs continue to tap the Lone Star State for recruiting dividends, adding yet another piece on the offensive line.

Offensive lineman Zachary Kinninger
Offensive lineman Zachary Kinninger
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It may come as a shock that, at this moment, Fresno State's 2015 recruiting class has more members from Texas than from California.  The newest addition off the recruiting trail is Cypress offensive lineman Zachary Kinninger.

Kinninger is listed at 6'5" and 305 pounds, according to 24/7 Sports, and is rated as a two-star recruit.  He becomes the third offensive line recruit in the Class of '15, following fellow Texan Clyde McCauley and SoCal product Don Greene.  He looks the part of a mean run-blocker in the video below, which should excite Fresno's deep stable of running backs in the years to come.