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Bleacher Report releases updated preseason college basketball Top 25 poll, San Diego State is No. 25

The Aztecs continue to earn preseason respect as they claim the final spot in Bleacher Report's updated preseason college basketball Top 25 poll.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

Today, Bleacher Report released its updated preseason college basketball 2014-15 Top 25 poll. San Diego State claimed the 25th and final spot in the poll.

This is what Bleacher Report's Jason King had to say about the 2014-15 Aztecs:

"The Aztecs lost their leading scorer (Xavier Thames) and rebounder (Josh Davis). But they'll compete for the Mountain West title thanks to the return of Winston Shepard, Dwayne Polee II and JJ O'Brien."

Here is the entire Top 25.

1. Kentucky
2. Wisconsin
3. Kansas
4. Arizona
5. North Carolina
6. Duke
7. Florida
8. Wichita State
9. Virginia
10. Louisville
11. Texas
12. Villanova
13. Iowa State
14. Gonzaga
15. Oklahoma
16. SMU
17. Nebraska
18. Kansas State
19. Michigan
20. Iowa
21. Harvard
22. VCU
23. UConn
24. Michigan State
25. San Diego State

These schools were also considered in the poll: Memphis, LSU, Baylor, Syracuse, Utah, Pittsburgh, Utah and Colorado.

ESPN ranked SDSU 20th in its most recent poll, Sporting News ranked SDSU 17th in its most recent poll and CBS Sports ranked the Aztecs 14th in its most recent poll.