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The Morning Hike: August 11, 2014

Can we make it two more weeks till football? YES...(I hope.)

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Ethan Miller

DOWN GOES THE NCAA! DOWN GOES THE NCAA! Judge rules against NCAA in O'Bannon trial

Of course, the NCAA is appealing this decision, but we are becoming closer and closer to college athletes being paid.

NCAA Board approves Division 1 Autonomy Proposal

That's fine power five conferences...we'll just form our own division. WITH BLACKJACK AND NON-LICENSED COLLEGE FOOTBALL VIDEO GAMES.

Utah State Fall Camp Notes

Two words. Chuckie Keeton.

San Diego State Fall Camp Update

Supposedly, Rocky Long will be naming backup Quarterback today.

Air Force Fall Camp Flyovers

The Falcons still need a set, solid starting quarterback after last season's mishaps

Fresno State Fall Camp Update

Bulldogs defense looking better than the offense so far?

Non-Fall Camp News

Former USC QB Max Wittek is finally going to Hawaii

He'll join the roster later this month when it's permitted to expand

In case you somehow missed it, Colorado State fired Athletic Director Jack Graham

Reason for his dismissal come down to "differences in philosophy" according to university president Tony Frank

Former Washington DE Josh Shirley is transferring to UNLV

Looks the Rebels are getting a solid addition to their front seven this year

And finally...Hawaii hit the ice pool after their first two practices in full pads