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Taking a look at what ranked opponents Mountain West teams will face

The preseason coaches poll is out so now is a time to take a look at who Mountain West teams will face.

Steve Dykes

The Mountain West was completely shut out of the initial coaches poll, which was not a total shock. With 12 teams in this conference there are plenty of games matching up against ranked teams in the non-conference schedule, so we will take a look at that right here.

Every team, at this point, plays someone who is at least receiving votes, and Wyoming has the toughest set of games against ranked teams by playing a pair of top 10 teams in Oregon and Michigan State.

Overall, the ranked opponents, outside of any Mountain West team, has enough teams sprinkled in that are high quality and would help give the league enough high-profile games in the out of conference schedule.

Team Opponent
Air Force Boise State (RV)
Boise State Mississippi (19), BYU (RV), Fresno State (RV), Louisiana Lafayette (RV)
Colorado State Boise State (RV)
Fresno State USC (15), Nebraska (22), Boise State (RV)
Hawaii Washington (25), Oregon State (RV), Fresno State (RV)
Nevada BYU (RV), Fresno State (RV)
New Mexico Arizona State (18), Fresno State (RV), Boise State (RV)
San Diego State North Carolina (23), Oregon State (RV), Fresno State (RV)
San Jose State Auburn (5), Fresno State (RV)
UNLV Arizona (RV), Northern Illinois (RV), BYU (RV), Fresno State (RV)
Utah State BYU (RV), Boise State (RV)
Wyoming Oregon (4), Michigan State (8) Fresno State (RV), Boise State (RV)