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San Jose State's Offense Could Be Better than 2013

Not much has been written about San Jose State football on the mwcconnection. I will try to amend that.

Freshman AA Tyler Winston returns to talented receiver corps
Freshman AA Tyler Winston returns to talented receiver corps
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

San Jose State Offense for 2014

As a writer for this web site I can make a simple comment; I know baseball. I then notice that San Jose State doesn't get much ink (electrons?) on any sports outside of baseball. I've been reading and posting for a number of years on the SJS Scout bulletin board which is pretty active. Under the football forum (the most popular) there are a number of posters who do a good job of analyzing recruits, current players, coaching, etc. I thought that maybe some of you might like to read posts that I find well done. Most of the information and comments on the following are from creeper86 and I find most of his stuff is spot on. I have done a lot of editing but the information is all his.

A comparison of 2014 offense to 2013


Not much debate here. It's very doubtful that the QB play will draw even with 2013 .... I believe Joe Gray (JR) is your guy and is a similar player to Fales, in regard to accuracy. He also has more arm strength and elusiveness; but can he bring it on gameday? Completely unproven and unknown.....BIG edge - 2013


A two-headed monster returns in Jarrod Lawson (SO)/Thomas Tucker (SO). Add Brandon Monroe (FR) and probably Tyler Ervin (JR) and Tim Crawley (SO) to get some carries and this group will only be stronger.....Edge 2014


Shane Smith (SO) is a year better and more mature; Chris Dadson (SO) also stronger, with game day experience being the exception....I think a kid like Limihai Hifo may be a true freshman who shows he's ready come fall camp....Edge 2014

Tight end

Same personnel returning - youngsters; with Billy Freeman (SO) being a top TE in the conference as a sophomore - a great receiving threat. Jordan Thiel (SO) and Andrew Vollert (FR) will also contribute...hopefully blocking improves.... Edge 2014

Offensive Line

LT - Wes Schweitzer (JR) - all conference potential who should only be better.

C - David Peterson (SR) - see above - these two positions are the most important and we're very solid here with two top performers in conference at their respective positions......the big ? to make it all go; the other three spots......

OG - Jeremiah Kolone (FR) looks to be a good one but unproven-but he enters camp with a pretty solid starting nod. Edge to last year's starter (2013).

OG - Keith Bendixen (SR) if he's healthy - A.J. Samatua (FR) is a huge young kid who may step in...Edge to Kaspar (2013).

RT - Evan Sarver (SO): I think he's the guy and may end up an upgrade over Meyer (2013 who played well for two years).

Overall edge goes to 2013...The Spartans are a year better at the two most important slots, but the concern is up the middle where we had two All Conference performers, who we may be replacing with two freshmen...guard play is a key in 2014.

Wide Receiver

Jabari Carr (SR) - he has been a starter; has explosion, hopefully he's improved his hands; he's gotta get them off his body, extend and snatch passes rather than belly catching. advantage to last year (2013).

Tyler Winston (SO) - if healthy he will break Jones and Grigsby all time career catch record....big body who's explosive; the sky's the limit....but Fales did a lot for him and his quick growth....can he take a leadership role and help out a new QB? Gotta improve his route running as Fales would often throw him open due to his precision....Winston is going to be great, but he's still raw...

Slot - Ervin/Crawley (see under TB above) - an upgrade if Ervin has adjusted to the position....a lot of potential here

Overall WR edge is tough to call.....because Grigs wasn't in the mix last year, the question is can Carr produce like Jones; and Crawley/Ervin like Crawley/Nunn....I'll push it here - Edge - Even, but I lean more to 2014 for overall starting talent, even though depth may be slightly down...

Total score

2014 - 3

2013 - 2

Even - 1