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The Morning Hike, July 4, 2014

Enjoy the 4th of July like a real AMERICAN by blowing up stuff, specifically plenty of high powered fireworks.

July 4 is the most American holiday of them all, so here is your guide on how to blow stuff up.

Still be careful, because these things are still dangerous.

However, don't do what these guys in San Diego did a few years ago by lighting everything at once.

Expansion is over but Boise State and the American conference settled their lawsuit.

The Broncos had to pay the AAC $2.3 million.

Wyoming lands a JUCO wide receiver

Three-star WR C.J. Johnson should be a big boost for the Cowboys.

We all knew Utah State's Stew Morrill was a good used car salesman head basketball coach.

ESPN places Morrill as the 48th best coach in the country, but can he start winning in the Mountain West?

This is pretty cool.