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New Mexico Hits Gold with Baseball Recruits for 2015

Coach is bringing in some pretty good players after a championship year. I'm thinking he's still pretty angry at the NCAA selection committee for snubbing his Lobos. Most who follow the MWC feel as he does or should. I know I do. I'm still smarting for the same thing that happened to San Jose State when they won the regular season WAC championship a few years back but got snubbed. Crap!

Good recruits always bring smiles to coach's faces
Good recruits always bring smiles to coach's faces
David Benyak - New Mexico Athletics

I don't usually look at rating services when it comes to college baseball. I usually get too ill looking at all the big boys (think SEC) and their recruiting classes simply loaded with draft picks and all-americans. This is my second article on the MWC and the Lobos have reason to smile. If they all show up, they have three draft choices and that IS great. Fresno State has one that should show so that's pretty impressive recruiting by the MWC. This simply tells me that the Lobos aren't rebuilding, they're reloading. Oh, did I say they wuz robbed by the NCAA selection committee?

These players all signed in November of 2013 so I have no idea what coach has in store for the year in terms of late signings. If any of you out there know, let me know.

Carl Stajduhar, RHP, Rocky Mountain HS, Ft. Collins, CO
Chosen as the Player of the Year in Colorado in the top division (I'd guess large schools). Drafted in the 27th round by the Braves but didn't sign. Rocky Mountain HS is always one of the top programs in the US and last year was no different. The Lobos must have a pipeline from this school to Albuquerque as Carl and his teammate, Tyler Stevens (below), have committed to New Mexico.

James Harrington, RHP, Mesquite HS, Gilbert, AZ
He's good enough to be drafted by the Phillies in the 33rd round. He did not sign so expect him to throw strikes for the Lobos in the spring.

Cory Voss, C, Pueblo South HS, Pueblo, CO
Cory was drafted in the 34th round by the Rockies. He also remained unsigned so should fill in at a very important position.

Chase Beal, RHP, Queen Creek HS, Queen Creek, AZ
He's a big kid at 6'6". He was 8-2 and 2.02 his senior year and had 77 strikeouts in 59 IP. He also had 35 walks which is a bit high. I also read an August 2013 article that has him verbal led to North Dakota. I also saw that Oregon State had shown some interest. It'll be interesting to see which article I read is correct. Man, all this confusion. God, I love baseball. Chase was 8-2 and 2.02 in 59 IP his senior year. He had 77 strikeouts and 35 walks. At his size he should improve on both of those. He made a newspapers All-Tribune team second team as a utility player.

Scottie Graham, C, O'Dea HS, Seattle, WA
I didn't find a lot about Scottie but he seems highly rated at the state level. He was the starting catcher for his team which won the state championship with only two losses on the season. I also found an old article that said he had verbaled to Washington in 2012. We'll see what transpires. Signing a LOI trumps all.

Caleb Prentiss, LHP/O, Carlsbad HS, Carlsbad, NM
He was 7-1 and 1.27 in 66 IP his senior year. Here's where it gets confusing. I read an article that interviewed him (in June) and he said he was going to a local JC with hopes to go to Arizona State. When I get confused, I move on.

Matthew Smallwood, RHP, St. Michaels HS, Santa Fe, NM
I couldn't find anything. He's an under-the-radar type.

Taiki Green, LHP, Bonney Lake HS, Bonney Lake, WA
Recruited as a pitcher the kid could hit also as he went for .321 and 4 home runs his senior year. I don't know why but he pitched only 13 innings last season (injury?). Couldn't find much more other than he got some big hits in the state baseball tournament.

Luis Gonzalez, OF/LHP, Catalina Foothills HS, Tucson, AZ
If he can hit like the former major leaguer with the same name, the Lobos got something here. It looks like a distinct possibility as he hit .494 with 10 (!) home runs his senior year. About half of his 42 hits were for extra bases. Geez!

Quinn Rawson, 1B, Puyallup HS, Puyallup, WA
Quinn hit .354 with 7 home runs last year and was named All-Area POY for 2014. At 6'4" and 235 he certainly is built for long ball. That's what you want in a first baseman or third baseman.

Tyler Stevens, SS, Rocky Mountain HS, Ft. Collins, CO
I talked about his teammate above so now it's Tyler's turn. Recruited as a shortstop, he hit .388 with a home run but he can pitch. He was 7-2 and 1.64 in 47 IP with 61 strike outs. He could get a chance on the mound, too. I repeat, RMHS is one of the top programs in the nation.

Tyler Dronen, LHP, Rock Canyon HS, Highlands Ranch, CO
He was 2-1 and 2.30 in 21 IP along with 16 strike outs. It looks like the coaches have Colorado covered.

Jake Nelson, LHP, Eaton HS, Eaton, CO
Jake was 3-1 and 0.91 in 23 IP with 32 strike outs. He has good size at 6'4" and 210 pounds so he fits the mold.

So, who looks good? Carl Stajduhar has to head the list. It's always nice to get a draft choice. James Harrington and Cory Voss also are in that mix. Those are three draft picks. Not bad. Coach has some serious power coming in with Luis Gonzalez and Quinn Rawson. BP ought to be fun.