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New Mexico Offensive lineman Jamal Price arrested, suspended

UNM Senior offensive lineman was arrested Monday for a domestic dispute and has been suspended from the team.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

On Monday, Jamal Price became the third New Mexico Lobos football player arrested this off season. According to a criminal complaint, Price pushed his girlfriend and Lobos basketball player Khadijah Shumpert at her apartment. Shumpert told police the dispute was over an Apple television that Price wanted back after the couple break up.

Authorities say Price, a junior from Pomfret, Maryland, and a friend Morgan Redmond (a former Lobo receiver) forced their way into Shumpert's apartment to look for the TV. Shumpert said that Redman broke in through the second floor balcony. She says that Redman started punching her so she tried to fight him back by hitting him with a ruler and a pot. Police say that price went straight to the bedroom to look for the apple TV. Police later arrested Price and charged him with breaking and entering and conspiracy to commit a fourth-degree felony.

At a press conference Tuesday Bob Davie said, "I do think there is a level of frustration that's shared by the coaches and the players. In fact, I know that. I know guys want to make the right decision. They understand what it takes to make the right decision and they are hurt by this. I know our football team is hurt by this."

"You guys know me better than this; that I'm not minimizing the fact that we've had three kids arrested. That's embarrassing what its cost this program all of that. But we've made such an emphasis on this and our players know what a toll it takes on me, what a toll it takes on our staff, what it does to this community to all of a sudden hear another football player is arrested."