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New Mexico head coach Bob Davie Quotes/Statements from Mountain West Media Days

New Mexico Lobos Head Coach Bob Davie speaks about topics like player stipends and transferring schools without having to sit out a season.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

As a former member of the media, Bob Davie understands how important media days are. Here are some of the highlights from Bob Davie at the Mountain West Conference media days.

When asked about additional benefits for students Bob Davie said:

"I would think uniformity or all doing the same thing would be in everybody's best interests, but who is going to make that decision? I think having the foresight to look at what's really good moving forward for the totality of this where, if it is the SEC, it is all the same. Again, in the SEC, can a Mississippi State do what a Georgia does? I know that TV revenue makes that a lot more level playing field for all of them, but that's why I do think we're at a critical stage right now."

Bob Davie also spoke about the possibility of athletes being able to transfer without having to sit out a year:

"That's crazy. Chaos, I don't care about the conference. I would say 80 percent of the kids that I've coached as a freshman say I'm getting my ass out of here. I've got kids on my team right now, freshmen, and kids that just came in this summer just out of high school coming in for summer school... If we said that you can just leave without penalty, are you kidding me? Is that what the parents want? Is that really wants good for a kid? To make it where it's no consequence... You come and you can just leave the first bad day you have, that's crazy isn't it?"

"I mean, if you're a parent and you send your son to UCLA and when he sees the first bump in the road, two other great quarterbacks on scholarship, he leaves. What are we accomplishing by that? At some point, it's about sticking it out, isn't it? It's kind of like in marriage, if you didn't have to pay your wife alimony (room full of laughs). Isn't that kind of the same thing?"

"That's going to cause chaos. This whole thing of getting kids to mature and the roller-coaster of what this is, I think you'd lose a big piece of what this game is about. You have to learn about of the respond to events that happen in your life. I'm totally against it (transferring without penalty)."

Davie's Lobos were picked to finish fifth out of six teams in the Mountain Division.  The Lobos are still a young team this year, only 15 total players in the whole roster are listed as seniors.

Davie still feels that this is a year the Lobos can start to build momentum.

"We bottomed out last year with all the young guys...Now we have a chance to start building momentum. We actually have some good young players who are going to be around for a while. We've still got some issues, but I think we can get this thing going."