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Bryan Harsin will give offensive play calling duties to Mike Sanford

Boise State head coach Bryan Harsin explains why he is not going to be calling the offensive plays this fall.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

New Boise State head coach Bryan Harsin has not even coached a real game and yet he is making news about the Broncos offense in the fall, and it may not be all that positive. Harsin left Boise, Idaho, to grow as a football coach which saw him go to Texas to be the offensive coordinator -- to just so-so results -- and then led Arkansas State to a Sun Belt title in his first, and only, year as the head coach.

Boise State fans felt Harsin was the best option to replace the departed Chris Petersen in hopes of revitalizing an offense that had become stagnant to return to an exciting brand of offense with the obligatory trick plays such as these from the Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma.

At Mountain West media days, Harsin spoke to the media and dropped the news that Sanford will be calling plays for the Broncos this fall. Harsin will be involved but here is his explanation:

"Mike (Sanford) will call the plays. I'm going to be involved. I am involved. I take one period with the quarterbacks and coaching them up on fundamentals. That's part of it. I'll continue to do that. I want to be involved. I'll still have the opportunity to install a play with the offense each day because I want to do that. I like teaching and I also think I've been around really good people that are really good teachers.

I've sat back, shut up and listened to how they've taught and watched how they looked at me and how I've taught and what I can do better. I want to bring that to the table too with some of our coaches to be able to say ‘This is at least how I think you should teach.' From an offensive standpoint, I've been through enough headaches and disappointments that when these guys get to a point of ‘Hey, we want to do this' and its happened, my answer is simply ‘no.' That's about the best answer I got. I don't have the time to tell them everything about it, but we're just not going to do that. We're going to move on and do something different."

This should not mean the end of Harsin's creative offense by any means, and even though Sanford coached a more pro-style set while coaching the offensive skill positions at Stanford the past three years the offense will be fine. Being a head coach has a lot of responsibilities and Harsin likely learned a lot during his one year at Arkansas State and realizes he can't do it all on offense.

Bronco fans, relax and enjoy because the offense will be similar to what Harsin ran when he was the offensive coordinator, and if that is not enough go out and look up how Stanford's offense did as that is where Sanford spent the last three year's coaching the skill positions, and that was a very good offense.