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SEC Network to launch in 75 million homes

Utah State fans now have multiple options to watch its season opening game against Tennessee which is on the fledgling SEC Network.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

There seems to be a new sports network trying to vying for the almighty fans dollar and the latest is the SEC Network which is now picking up steam and could be in 75 million homes come its Aug. 14 launch date.

Utah State's opening game is on the road at Tennessee on Sunday Aug. 31 at 7 p.m. ET and there was a fear that the new network would only be available in Utah on Google Fiber and DISH Network. Now there are reports that DirecTV and Comcast are close to reaching a deal, and if those two companies get a deal done then pretty much the entire state is covered with the SEC Network. The going rate for outside of the 11-state SEC footprint is 25 cents per subscriber, so that is not a huge bump to one's television deal.

Assuming these deals get done with DirecTV and Comcast, the next large provider to not carry the SEC Network is Time Warner Cable, and that is not surprising since it took them years to get the NFL Network.

Utah State fans can now rejoice that there seemingly looks to be a much easier way to access the SEC Network instead of needing to bug a neighbor to find someone who has DISH Network.

Now, if something could be done about the Pac-12 Network for DirecTV, the Mountain West would be in business to view the entire non-conference schedule.