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Josh Davis grabs 16 rebounds in his first NBA Summer League start against the Sacramento Kings

Well, that was quick. It just took one game for the SDSU alumnus to earn a starting forward spot on the Charlotte Hornets' summer league team. How'd he do?

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

As you all know by now, Josh Davis wasn't drafted out of San Diego State. You also probably know by now that Davis happily signed with the Charlotte Hornets' summer league team as a undrafted free agent. And you might know by now that Davis played well in his first summer league game, scoring 14 points and recording 16 rebounds in 29:25 of play. In fact, Davis rebounded the most of any player on day one of the Las Vegas Summer League.

Now here's something else to know: Davis earned one of the two Charlotte starting forward spots today against the Sacramento Kings and played the most minutes of any player on the court (34:09).

Charlotte lost the game 72-65 to fall to 0-2 so far in the summer league. Davis, however, continued his high level of play. He scored 6 points on 2-of-5 shooting (2-of-5 from the line, as well) and recorded four assists. Most impressive, though, were the former Aztec's rebounding numbers: 16 total boards, seven of which were offensive rebounds. Those seven offensive boards led directly to 11 Charlotte second-chance points.

Davis also flashed some defense today, recording a game-high two steals.

Davis made his two field goals off his own offensive rebounds, including one impressive and-one in the first quarter (which he converted). He missed both of the jump shots he attempted, though (a skill he worked on in the off-season).

I'd bet that SDSU fans are all thinking the same thing right about now: Keep it up, Josh. Rebounding is a highly valued skill in the NBA--always has been, always will be.