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San Jose State's Billy Freeman on John Mackey Award Watch List

Another player from the Spartans' prolific offense catches some pre-season recognition as tight end Billy Freeman is named to the John Mackey Award watch list. Freeman performed well as a receiver and seemed in tune with David Fales as the quarterback and his receivers made life miserable for defensive backs in the Mountain West.

Billy Freeman in action against Minnesota
Billy Freeman in action against Minnesota
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The list of great tight ends goes way back. I'm old enough that I remember watching some of the greats; even those that were on old black and white clips. You all remember Mike Ditka running over people, Dave Caspar for the Raiders when they were good, and John Mackey of the Colts when they were in Baltimore. Mackey is widely acknowledged as the greatest tight end of all time so it's only fitting that the award for the top college tight end is named after him. Google Mackey's name and you may find the iconic clip where he catches a pass over the middle and sheds tacklers while going for a touchdown. It was against the Bears, I believe, and I was there. No replay back then. I was in the end zone section as I was in the Army and got some free tickets. Also saw Gayle Sayers score on a great run, but I digress and my memory dims as I get myself in trouble.

San Jose State's Billy Freeman made the watch list for the John Mackey Award after an award winning freshman season in 2013. He was named to at least one All-America list and those that follow his exploits and SJS football feel many more awards could follow this talented receiver.