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MLB Draft Starts on June 6

This is the day (of three days) when college coaches start to chew their fingernails to the elbows. They know the seniors are done but the juniors who have had excellent careers might be gone also. Fans such as myself have troubles with that reality. In any event, some teams in the MWC will be losing some talented juniors to the bigs. That is a source of pride, if nothing else.

Five who signed
Five who signed
Rick Yeatts

Draft possibilities for the Mountain West

I'm just throwing the names out there. Seniors are gone anyway so it's the juniors that fans and coaches have to worry about the most. There are a few good ones and I've listed them second when I talk about possibilities for each team. Quality arms are always in high demand and then there are the draftees that didn't play much. Scouts saw something that no one else did. Besides, the major league teams have to fill up the minor leagues with players. One of the things I've always felt should be a guideline for a junior is that if they're drafted below the tenth round, stay another year to get your degree and improve your lot for next year's draft. If that's what happens then they make more money in their lifetime no matter which way they choose. See what you think. By the way, I've dropped the pretense of complete sentences in my simple evaluations.

New Mexico

Josh Walker, SR, RHP
A good pitcher (7-5 and 3.87) on a hitting team always gets a look. He's not a power pitcher by any stretch but he knows how to hit bats and make outs. He was a pre-season all this and all that so he fell a bit but not much.
Chase Harris, SR, OF
He's simply one of the best in the conference. He hit .377 and 8 so he's got the sexy number; 8.
John Pustay, SR, OF
He's a senior anyway and he had a good year at .324.
Kevin Baumgartner, SR, LHP
He's pretty slight and he didn't have much of a year but he does have strikeouts per innings that looks good. Besides, he's a lefty. If he goes, he'll be a low pick because he's a senior. More likely a free agent signing.

Colton Thomson, JR, LHP
The leading starting pitcher on the team at 6-6 and 3.68. His numbers don't scream "take me, take me" but he had 65 strikeouts in 88 IP which ain't bad. If you pitch in New Mexico (Lobos or Aggies) you have to ignore the ERA or at least shave off a run to get a good idea of what you're drafting.
Alex Real, JR, C
Personally, I think he's as good as gone. A catcher that can hit is always in short supply and he hit .320. He could go pretty high and the money is pretty good there.
Victor Sanchez, SO, RHP
Mostly a closer. I don't even know if this kid is eligible but he's a redshirt sophomore so I think he can be drafted. He had 33 strikeouts in 38 innings and walked 15.
Jake Cole, JR, RHP
He has good size and gets the strikeout (38 in 41 IP). Strike outs always get scouts' attention.


Patrick Armstrong, SR, INF
Patrick hit well (.303) but his 8 home runs will get the most attention.

Erick Fedde, JR, RHP
Earlier I thought he'd be a first rounder and the first taken from the Mountain West. Since he recently underwent TJ surgery, I'm not sure. I don't know how teams view guys like this. I think he'll drop but he'll get drafted.
John Richy, JR, RHP
Another early round pick. He had an outstanding year and I really liked what I saw when he was in San Jose. UNLV will lose two of the four starting pitchers from that excellent staff but the other two are sophomores and will be back for another year.
T.J. White, JR, INF
Low round pick.
Erik VanMeetren, JR, C
Hey, he's a catcher. He hit .291 with 2 dingers. Low round pick.
Morgan Stotts, JR, INF
He hit an excellent .337 with 3 home runs so I think he'll go in the middle rounds.
Edgar Montes, JR, OF
He hit well but I don't know what kind of outfielder he is. Middle rounds or lower.
Joey Lauria, JR, RHP
A big kid who strikes people out always gets attention. He could be one of the starting staff next year but that's if he comes back.

San Diego State

Tim Zier, SR, INF
Good solid player should get a pick in the lower rounds.

Michael Cederoth, JR, RHP
One of the best closers in the nation. Should be a high round pick.
Brad Haynal, JR, C
As I've said before, hey, he's a catcher. This kid is a good one; a catcher with pop. He could be the first pick out of the MWC.
Greg Allen, JR, OF
He had a pretty good year so he'll get a look.


Bryce Barger, SR, INF
A decent year warrants a look.
Brad Gerig, SR, OF
Hit decently with some pop.

Jason Dietrich, JR, RHP
Good size but a little thin. He was the ace of the team and that will get him drafted.
Colby Blueberg, JR, RHP
Good size and strike outs per inning pitched. That's always good.
Tyler Wells, JR, LHP
As always, it's the strike outs. ERA usually gets ignored for Nevada pitchers as well as New Mexico pitchers.
Kewby Meyer, JR, OF
One of the best hitters on the team will get him drafted.
Austin Byler, JR, INF
The big first baseman gets chosen on home runs alone (14).

Fresno State

Trent Woodward, RS JR, C
A decent hitter with some pop and, yup, he's a catcher.

Jordan Luplow, JR, OF
An outstanding hitter with good power for his size. A high round pick.
Chris Mariscal, JR, INF
He can play both SS and 2B and he has pop.
Jordan Brink, JR, P
He was the best starter on the team. One thing that bothers me is the high number of walks. The BA against was a good .214 and that's what kept his ERA down.
William Munro, JR, P
He had a decent year so he'll get a look. Didn't walk many which is a mark on the good side.
Derick Velazquez, JR, P
He'll get a look because he throws strikes.
Garrett Mundell, JR, P
Primarily a reliever he did his job well and the BA against was a minuscule .182.

Air Force

Cameron White, SR, RHP
The ace of the staff. He had 94 strike outs in 104 IP and only 11 walks.

San Jose State

Kyle Gallegos, SR, C
Knows how to catch and hits well but has no pop which may hold him back. I figure he'll be a free agent signing.

Andre Mercurio, JR, OF
He can field his position (CF) as good as any I've seen. He was hitting very well until he got hurt and never really caught fire after that. Low round pick or free agent.
Kalei Contrades, JR, RHP
Emerged as the ace of a poor staff. The last half of the season became his playground as the multi-talented player had troubles playing for too many positions. Once he settled in as a starting pitcher he became one of the best in the MWC. Middle round pick. Fans hope he returns for one more year in which, I believe, he'll really blossom.