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The Morning Hike, June 23, 2014

Welcome to The Morning Hike. This will be our daily links section and will also be used as an open thread for conversations. After the hike, we'll go jump in the river and swim. Bring plenty of water, it's supposed to be 103 today!

Ethan Miller

Hawaii Offers 2016 Quarterback

It's never too early to recruit.  Also, if I were the QB: Hawaii or Utah?

Former Lobos Wide Receiver to host free Youth Football Camp

Flash Thomas left the Lobos before the era of run-heavy football, so I can't make fun of how he hardly saw the ball.  Another note: If this was Flash Gordon, I would be going to that camp for a COMPLETELY different reason.

NFL Scout claims Chuckie Keeton is better than Mariota or Hundley

Well, DUH!

Wyoming Offers to QB Taryn Christion

This kid definitely looks like he can do some damage.

Wyoming also makes an offer to WR Brandon Gaston

Imagine these last two commits playing together...for Wyoming.

A website predicts Larry Eustachy will be the MWC Coach Of The Year

It's nice to see Eustachy getting a bold prediction, but for that to happen, I'm thinking Colorado State would have to make the NCAA tournament.  It's totally possible, but will be very difficult.

DID YOU AMERICA YESTERDAY?  If you haven't yet...Ante Up for Germany!