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The Morning Hike, June 19, 2014

Welcome to The Morning Hike. This will be our daily links section and will also be used as an open thread for conversations. After the hike, we will set up camp and then sing "Leavin' On A Jet Plane." Watch out for bears.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The College Football Poll will be used to determine home-field for the Mountain West Conference Championship Game

Despite the fact that Las Vegas serves as an excellent neutral site, or that certain teams will always be ranked higher because of name recognition (sorry anyone but Boise State or Fresno State), this is probably the most "fair" way of determining the home team.

Spartans linebacker looking to return after a horrific accident

I'll spare the gruesome details, but Jared Leaf is a very lucky man to be alive.

Have you listened to last night's podcast yet?

GO LISTEN TO LAST NIGHT'S PODCAST!  It features "The Ghost of Jay Cutler" from Red Cup Rebellion...and after we proceed to go off on a tangent with the newly renamed Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl.  Can we PLEASE have the Bacardi Bowl back?

Oh, and here's another good podcast to listen to: The Punt Brothers


Schadenfreude World Cup Vine/gif of the day

Sad Socceroo. Via SBNation

Question of the day: How many Spanish players will retire within 6 months from the close of the World Cup?