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The Morning Hike June 18, 2014

Welcome to The Morning Hike. This will be our daily links section and will also be used as an open thread for conversations. After the hike, we will set up camp and then sing Kumbaya. Bring your own jerky.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

OH HEY LOOK EVERYONE! Someone has told Chuckie and Cody how to improve this year as seniors!

"Can Cody Fajardo follow Colin Kaepernicks' path?"   This would first imply that Nevada is going to have sufficient weapons behind him.  I'm personally going to go with "no" here, realizing that's a complete change of opinion that I had from two years ago.


Our own Matthew Bain not only lists them, but analyzes each player in depth.

Jeremy stole my thunder in listing the Golden Nugget's MW Football Lines

Ole Miss at -9? I smell the perfect storm.

Everything you need to know about Tony Gwynn's passing can be found on the Mothership, though there are some great tributes by Gaslamp Ball, the Padres blogMcCovey Chronicles, the Giants blog, and even True Blue L.A., the Dodgers blog.

My own personal Tony Gwynn story was when I was six years old, and I sent a letter to the Padres clubhouse asking for an autograph of Mr. Padre.  Not only did I get an autographed photo of the whole 1994 team, but Tony himself wrote a small letter on top of the organization, thanking me for being a fan.  I still kick myself to this day because I somehow lost it after 20 years and three moves.