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SDSU Head Coach Tony Gwynn Passes

Tony Gwynn recently died and left a gap in many people's lives. His virtues as a man, coach, and player are being told everywhere and by everyone. Here is a bit more.

Donald Miralle

Tony Gwynn Remembered

Hall of famer Tony Gwynn passed away a few days ago which saddened the baseball world. Much has been said of his character as many good stories have been told. I will add my two cents.

Nothing says more to me about the guy than his loyalty. He was a product of San Diego State where he was drafted by both MLB and the NBA. Now that's an athlete. He played for the Padres and only them I believe. Don't see that much anymore. Derek Jeter, please stand up. I think people still honor and value that in athletes. He lived it. He then retired and ended up as the coach at San Diego State. His teams did quite well and I think he was one of the coaches of which it can be said; "His players played for him." I'm hoping you know what that means as it says more about the man than his team.

As a player he was next to impossible to get out. He could flat out hit. He lacked power and therein lies a story. At some point (I read years ago) he was talking to Ted Williams about hitting when Teddy told him "Tony, you're a good hitter but you'll have to start hitting home runs to become a great hitter." Gwynn took that to heart and developed a swing that produced some dingers as well as maintaining a high average. I've always remembered that story because it told me that you can learn to hit home runs. Of course, you have to be able to hit in the first place and that was always my problem. He will be missed.