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Oregon State Beats UNLV in Elimination Game 6-1

All the runs that the Rebels allowed were unearned. Now that is painful. You can't assume that UNLV would have won without the errors but things may have turned out differently. We'll never know. With that loss the Rebels go home and work for next year and the Mountain West's time in the tournament is over.

Time to start working on next year
Time to start working on next year
R. Marsh Starks/UNLV Photo Services

UNLV Does Itself In as They Lose Elimination Game

Let's talk about errors and unearned runs, shall we. The Rebels committed two errors and they opened the flood gates as the Oregon State Beavers cashed in with six unearned runs to win 6-1. The pitching was not that bad but the bats were pretty much silent against the Beavers' ace, Ben Wetzler. Wetzler went the full nine innings giving up one run on four hits and striking out 10 along the way. A dominating outing.

The loss eliminates UNLV as well as the Mountain West from the NCAA Baseball Championship Tournament. It's a sad ending to a good season. I have little to add so I'll stop. I think I just heard that the Beavers won their regional and will move on. Sad for the mid major.