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NFL Draft Profile: USU CB Nevin Lawson

USU CB Nevin Lawson is the top USU player in this year's draft.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Nevin Lawson

Physical Specs: 5'10" - 190 lbs.

Utah State has produced several great Cornerbacks over the last few years. Will Davis made a name for himself last year and was rewarded with the 93rd overall draft pick, signing with the Dolphins in the 3rd Round of the 2013 NFL Draft. This year, USU CB Nevin Lawson hopes for similar results.

Lawson, who was born in Jamaica, came to Logan and made an immediate impact, playing in nine games his freshman year. By the end of last season he had recorded 40 career starts, and was selected as a 1st team All-MWC player in his final year in college. He was ranked 25th in the nation in passes defended, and tied for 8th in the conference in interceptions.

Lawson is very fast and athletic, and has the speed to keep up with receivers in the open field. He is very fluid, turns well, and is technically excellent as a tackler. His tenacity and aggressiveness are strengths that speak for themselves on the field. He has excellent field awareness in zone coverage, and closes quickly on the ball.

His size is his main disadvantage; it will be a concern in the NFL as he faces larger opponents.  He may lose jump balls against taller receivers despite good awareness and well-timed jumps. His size is also problematic when tackling; bigger targets will be difficult for him to bring down, in spite of excellent technique.

Overall, Lawson still is a very exciting player who brings everything he has on every play. His size notwithstanding, he has elite speed and coverage abilities. His determination and sheer will often make up for his size, and he should have a spot open to him in the earlier rounds of the draft.

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