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Aztecs Surprise UNLV on Rebels' Home Field

San Diego State won two games in a row in Las Vegas to win the Mountain West Baseball Tournament. They are a deserving team so it's not like a team with a poor record gets hot and wins it all. Either team is a worthy champ. And don't forget New Mexico. Will all three make the NCAA Tournament? Here's hopin'.

Michael Cederoth returns to form with a save.
Michael Cederoth returns to form with a save.

Aztecs Rock UNLV and Win the MWC Tournament

San Diego State did what many thought might be too much of a task by winning two games in a row against UNLV on the Rebels' home field. Hats off to ‘em folks. This post is going to be short as my wife and I are driving back from Colorado to our home in California and we're spending the night in Wendover which is on the Utah - Nevada border. Quite a spot. Anyway, I'm beat. I just have a few notes on the game. I think I said in an earlier post that Michael Cederoth might have a chance at redeeming himself after blowing a few save chances. Well, he did have that chance and he came through but in harrowing fashion. The Aztecs won the close final game 4-3 mostly on the strength of a 3-run first inning. The Rebels fought back to tie but the Aztecs finally won out. Now, here's a note and a question at the same time. Joey Lauria was the starting pitcher for the Rebels and it was his first of the year. What? I'm wondering what happened to Erick Fedde. Is he hurt? I don't think he pitched in the tournament. I wonder what the story is. If he is hurt, then that should be out there. He's their ace.

This muddies the water but only a bit. I'm guessing the Rebels make the NCAA Tournament because they tied for the regular season title and were in the title game of the MWC Tournament. San Diego State is in because they won the tournament. Where does that leave New Mexico? I'm thinking they are still in but you never know what is in the mind of the NCAA selection dudes. There might be a tenth place sub-.500 SEC team that needs a home. Ya think?