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Fresno State Squeaks by Nevada

I thought about saying something about an unearned victory but then thought better of it. The Bulldogs win 4-3 on the strength of four unearned runs generated by four errors by the Wolf Pack. That's enough to make a grown man cry or at least hang his head.

Derrick Velazquez earns save
Derrick Velazquez earns save
Fresno State Athletics

Fresno State vs Nevada

Nevada's four errors resulted in four unearned runs and that was the difference in the game as Fresno State won 4-3. The Bulldogs scored two runs in the top of the eighth to make the game 4-1 which looked pretty cozy at the time. Nevada scored two in the bottom of the ninth to make it close and had the tying run on first when the game ended. Nothing like making a game interesting. Back to those errors. I'm sure Nevada's Coach Johnson is pulling out what hair he has left from his initial season as the boss of the Pack. He has done an admirable job but losing like this can give a guy seizures.

Both starting pitchers pitched reasonably well but Fresno State's Jordan Brink was the better of the two and got the win. There was not a whole lot of offense in this game. Then again, those four errors were pretty offensive.