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San Diego State Has No Problem With Spartans

The Aztecs took apart the Spartans in the first game of the tournament not counting the play-in game. A 15-1 victory is the type of game you want to win because it uses up the opponents' bull pen and gets your bats warmed up for more games. San Diego State has been able to hit all year and the Spartans have had pitching woes during the same time span.

No need for Cederoth in easy win
No need for Cederoth in easy win
Kenny Olinger

MWC Baseball Tournament Update

San Jose State vs San Diego State

San Jose State won their play-in game so they played SDSU just a few hours later. They left their game in the Air Force game because they certainly didn't play very well in losing to the Aztecs 15-1. As I've said all year, and it's certainly been no mystery, the Spartans' pitching has been, in a word, bad. Starter Jonathan Hernandez gave up 7 runs in 5 innings and reliever Michael Wright gave up 8 runs in one inning of work. You read that right (no, that's not a play on words). Conversely, Bubba Derby was in full control as he went 8 innings to get the win. The Aztecs' Brad Haynal went 4 for 5 and Tyler Adkison went 3 for 4 with 4 RBIs. Easy win.