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Boise State, Albertsons agree to naming rights for Bronco Stadium

Bronco Stadium has been re-branded Albertsons Stadium for the next 12 years.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

The Boise State Broncos will have a new home this fall as Bronco Stadium had its naming rights sold and will now go by Albertsons Stadium. The agreement between Boise State and Albertsons is a 15-year deal worth $12 million overall, however Learfield Communications gets 25 percent of the deal. So, in reality the Broncos earn $9.5 million overall.

Agreeing to a naming rights agreement is just another way that Boise State is attempting to stuff their coffers with enough money to be able to provide full cost of attendance scholarships, and this is a start.

There are some stipulations that could change this agreement. Albertsons has the ability to cancel the sponsorship after five years, but they must give two years notice. If Boise State plays less than six home games or if the Broncos incur sanctions that do not allow them to play in the conference title game or post season play then the terms can be adjusted, also the contract can be terminated if the Broncos incur NCAA sanctions.

Here are renderings with the name on the stadium.